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Russell Mace

MaceTech Security Solutions

Welcome to MaceTech Security Solutions - Information Defense for the 21st Century.

Information Systems Security requires a holistic approach with a comprehensive set of solutions. While technology is important, it alone can never ensure the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of data and systems. Today's environment calls for a culture of cyber security responsibility instilled from the top down. An organization's processes must be sound and its people must be aware. Customers and clients are demanding that those who hold and manage their data stand vigilant guard against the threats lurking in the wilderness of the Internet that would steal, exploit, and corrupt.

MaceTech provides tailored cyber security defenses that protect your organization. Our approach is multi-faceted and applied throughout an organization to deliver defense in depth. MaceTech applies a systems engineering approach that first understands and prioritizes the critical data and systems in need of protection, then designs and implements the continuous monitoring strategy that vigilance demands. Whether your organization is government or commercial, large or small, hi-tech or lo-tech, MaceTech fits the technology, training, and processes to the risks that you face.

Russell Mace, President

IT Services

Business Computer Services


Business technology is something we do really well. No matter how simple or overly complex your demands are, MaceTech will be there to assist.

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Government Computer Services


MaceTech provides technical services, support and training to extend the powers of the various divisions to bring excellence to our nation's cyber defenses.

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IT Consulting Services


MaceTech Security Solutions is able to provide on-site training to you and your team, speak at your event or provide specialized reports at a meeting.

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Our Advantages

We Come To You

When you contact our tech team, we are adaptive to your unique situation and deploy quickly to arrive and tackle the situation.

Industry Expertise

As a team of cyber security professionals, we are actively involved in all types of technology projects and in constant training.

On Time Scheduling

We understand the critical requirement of being on time and adhering to strict scheduling with your computer support needs.

Friendly & Professional

At MaceTech, our entire team loves what we do. We love caring for the needs of our clients and we will always be friendly & professional.

Risk Management
For The 21st Century

MaceTech Security Solutions provides Systems Security Plans, Risk Management Framework, Physical Security, Configuration Management, Access Control, Vulnerability Analysis, Log Auditing, and much, much more. Our cyber team understand the risks and we have the technology intelligence to effectively handle your needs.

Free Security Software Trial

Computer Security Software

Are you having malware, viruses and pesky computer security issues? We would like to introduce you to this free trial software program that will provide fast and responsive help right now. It will only take a few minutes to download and install. If you have any questions or need help with something specific, the cyber team at MaceTech is here!

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